At Valley Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre, we understand that every patient is different. Accordingly, we adapt our treatment for each patient to reduce pain, improve mobility, increase strength and endurance, and correct posture.

Treatment is tailored to your needs and goals, but always includes an explanation of the nature of your condition, self-management advice and strategies to help prevent recurrence of an injury, thereby empowering you as much as possible in your recovery and improving outcomes.

We take an active approach to rehabilitation, providing personal exercise advice and prescribing customised exercise programs that you can practice at home or in our well-equipped onsite rehabilitation gym.

The aim is to get you moving again and to teach you how to maintain lasting results.

At Valley Physiotherapy we offer a variety of treatments and facilities, including:

  • core stability training
  • dynamic taping for injured muscles
  • electrotherapy
  • exercise therapy

  • gait analysis and correction
  • in-house rehabilitation gym
  • joint replacement rehabilitation
  • musculoskeletal developmental assessments
  • post-operative rehabilitation
  • postural correction and retraining
  • prevention of falls and injuries
  • rehabilitation aids for posture correction
  • soft tissue releases
  • spinal and other joint mobilisations
  • splints and braces advice
  • strapping for sports injuries
  • stretching program for work breaks.

To help you achieve the best outcomes possible, we also offer valuable take-home self-management advice and equipment, including:

  • exercise equipment and instructions, such as Swiss balls, Therabands, dumbbells and foam rollers
  • manual handling skills correction
  • posture correction advice and aids
  • prescribed active stretching programs
  • prescribed strengthening exercise programs
  • return to work advice
  • safe return to pre-injury sport or hobbies assistance
  • task pacing advice.

Valley_Physiotherapy Tailored Treatment