Valley Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre offers personalised, holistic treaments for infants, children, teenagers and adults.

Our aim is to help you recover as early as possible after an injury and to provide you with the skills to maintain lasting results.

We provide 30 to 45-minute consultations, of which 30 minutes is one-on-one with a physiotherapist. Treatment is hands-on and may also include ultrasound, traction or other therapies. Additional treatment, such as electrotherapy, my be provided if required.

We take an active approach to rehabilitation to manage symptoms and help prevent recurrence of injuries. This includes prescribing tailored exercise program that patients can undertake at home or in our well-equipped in-house rehabilitation gym.

We are a busy practice, but we make an extra effort to fit in emergency appointments and to treat patients in severe pain as quickly as possible.

Valley Physiotherapy Rehab Gym 1