Valley Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre helps you to help yourself.

We supply and train you to use self-management rehab tools such as:

  • lumbar and cervical rolls to help maintain correct posture day and night
  • heat packs and cold packs to self-manage symptoms
  • braces and splints during the recovery phase to support unstable joints
  • exercise equipment like Therabands, Swiss balls and balance discs for strengthening and balance exercises.

We also provide advice and support for return to work and home tasks during injury and recovery.

Our physiotherapists are trained to use rehab tools such as outcome measure questionnaires to assess progress. We can then guide our patients and their doctors to make the right decisions for return to work with restricted or suitable duties, as well as provide advice on pacing tasks with appropriate breaks and changes of task and posture.

Our goal is to return you to pre-injury status, train you to avoid flare-ups, and assist you to have a smooth and positive recovery. The self-management rehab tools we offer are empowering and, implemented appropriately, they help to speed recovery.

rehab tools